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Yoga Conditioing

Yoga Conditioning Sat 6th July 2019 at St Peter's Church - Grange Park 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm 



Join Amy in learning how to use Yoga to condition the muscles for strength, tone and length in the body. 

A lot of the reasons people struggle to gain muscle in certain areas is because of practising exercises out of alignment, so as soon as you start practising with the body in neutral you will begin to access new and unused muscles. This encourages better muscle tone and strength that not only look great but massively support the body and prevent injury.  


This workshop will teach you how to move properly and exercise in neutral so that whether you're practising Yoga, weight training, doing HIIT classes and so on you will get the most you possibly can out of those exercises! Expect to learn how to do proper squats, press ups (chaturanga dandasana) and yoga plyo moves that will get you sweating and moving so freely. 

This workshop is great for complete Yoga beginners and advanced Yogis alike. 


You will also get a little print out with a full sequence to practice daily that will aid in weight loss and toning. 


Book now as spaces fill up very fast 


Early bird price of £25 (booked before 6th June)

£30 thereafter