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A to Z Yoga Classes
The A to Z Yoga Method

A to Z Yoga is a unique style that combines many forms of movement. It is a highly developed method made simple to follow. The point of it is to take our modern bodies through a set of stages that will unravel, awaken and challenge them to initiate change. The A to Z Yoga method is fun, effective and liberating. Classes focus on building strength, awareness, alignment and functional movement. ​

The 3 Principles of Change
  1. Unravel - Just as a cat stretches the second it gets up from a nap, we have to move to unravel our muscles and set ourselves up for healthy change. All A to Z classes begin with breathing and using it along with subtle movements to open energy channels and unwind the fascia so as to be able to move into the next phase. 

  2. Awaken - Now we have opened ourselves to the possibility of change we awaken our major, stabilising muscles. This stage sets the body up to work properly and in alignment so that we can make the most out of the final phase. 

  3. Challenge - The 3rd major phase of every A to Z class challenges the body to build the strength and support every body needs to facilitate change. This phase is so empowering and sets you up for complete success and transformation.