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Meet Amy


An Unexpected Leader

A painfully shy little girl born in December first found her voice on stage singing and dancing and quickly turned her confidence around and grew to become a determined young woman intent on always doing what she felt mattered most. 


A Desire To Heal 

As a little girl, she wanted to be a vet, when she realised her maths skills weren’t strong enough she turned to singing and art because they healed her and in 2005 when she found Yoga at Manchester Met University she started teaching friends what made her feel great and realised her calling. 


A Passion For Life

After losing her mother to cancer in 2007 Amy vowed to enjoy every moment and live life to its fullest. Her positive spirit can be felt in every class and in everything she does. Her passion for all life guides her teaching and makes her an inspiration. She simply wants to help everyone feel fantastic and love life as much as she does. 


Deciding to Become a Teacher

Upon leaving Uni I got a job at a nursery. I loved my job but my Yoga was calling out to me. In 2010 I went travelling where I found a wonderful Ashram in Rishikesh and stayed there for 2 weeks. It was here that I decided to become a teacher.


Turning A Passion Into A Career

Since Amy could walk she’s been a mover, dancing to her own beat. Once she found Yoga and decided to share it with the world she made it her mission to help others find the same strength and power as she did herself. She now teaches across North London doing workshops, retreats, group classes and private sessions and has many many plans for the future! Watch this space. 


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